I first installed my current OS over 2 years ago.

I’ve learned on this little server, but I worry the OS is building up a patina of poorly installed crud that I don’t know if I can effectively remove… and definitely can’t in a timely manner.
I must say I am beyond thrilled with the capability of this Raspberry Pi 3. It’s certainly not the fastest thing, but I’ve had zero reliability issues with it and has never failed to do any task I’ve asked of it. knock on wood In the words of Zombocom, “The only limit is myself.” LOL

The Why

  • I found the enclosure & SSD solution I want to go with. I’ve been eyeing various solutions since I first got my Pi, but have kept the pi totally nekkid, uncooled and running on an SD card and USB stick.
  • The SSD solution also requires an upgrade to a Pi4, which includes a sata controller. Beyond that, with everything I’m planning on running, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade for the extra memory if not the processor.

More Why

There’s a ton of stuff that needs to be cleared off the server that would take an eternity to do correctly. It’d be much easier to just start over. For example:

  • Long ago I very-messilly installed and set up Pleroma… apt choked pretty damned badly on erlang installation. It took me more than a week and involved all sorts of shady shenanegans including recompiling libraries from alternate repositories that could have skewed my shared libraries and cruddied up my os in ways that are beyond my understanding.
  • A TURN server is set up on it. The pi doesn’t have an outward facing IP address though, so it’s only usefull for making video calls inside my local network. I have another server that’s much better suited for this.
  • MySQL and Postgres were both installed, then MySQL was mostly uninstalled. I know there are at least users and probably config files lying around somewhere.
  • Yii was installed and tinkered with for some consulting work. Yii is built on PHP, so that was installed and I don’t need that stuff anymore.
  • I set up and installed PeerTube, creating various users for both Postgres (or was it MySQL?) and the OS.
  • Matrix.Org & Synapse was installed. I want to dockerize it.
  • A Minecraft server was installed and ran on it for a while. It may actually still be running for all I know. Havent looked at a readout of ps recently.
  • I set up multiple Hexo installations, but again want to dockerize it. The blogs will be migrated.
  • A Doge miner was set up on it… seems I missed the boat on being able to profitably mine Doge though, so I haven’t done anything with it. I think that’s nicely contained, but I’m not sure.
  • Ponzu is installed, but not functioning yet. I want to dockerize it. I’m unfamiliar with the ways of Go and it seems to be best suited to run in its own user environment, but that’s a PITA and docker would be better anyway.
  • And I think I did a bunch of other stuff, but can’t remember what.

The What

Gonna get these:

I’ll then set it up to boot off the SSD.

More The What

Then I’ll get to installing these:

  • Fail2Ban
  • Docker
  • Postgres (container)
  • Ponzu (container)Fail2Ban
  • Hexo server (container)
  • NodeRed (container)
  • Home Assistant (container)
  • Influx (container)
  • Grafana (container)

If I can get it working with my XStick by Digi I’ll set that up with home assistant. If not, I’ll try installing webthings gateway (another container!)

My current Pi3B will be put to good use. I want to set up a security camera on my back porch and would love to do some time lapse experiments too.

Mega thanks to these Youtube superstars: